West Crooked Lake and the surrounding area is nature at its best. As you look around you will see tall pines, wild flowers, abundant wildlife and a home to a family of loons. West Crooked Lake Resort was originally known as Timberlost Resort & Campground and was owned by the Jerrold and Doris Skadberg family for over 30 years. The Skadberg family had been coming from North Dakota to the Park Rapids area for their family vacations for decades and they came to love the trees, lakes and wildlife. In 1979, they decided to purchase Timberlost and to make Minnesota their permanent home. Several of their nine children, including myself, Susan, were involved over the years in helping Jerrold and Doris operate the resort. In 2003, I purchased a portion of Timberlost Resort and established West Crooked Lake Resort and constructed a new cabin and remodeled existing cabins with a northern decor to welcome all.  I became familiar with the resort business through the years of helping my family with Timberlost Resort and decided to continue the resort tradition that my parents had started. Prior to purchasing the resort, I was an owner of a software development company.

I enjoy getting away from my Windsor, CO residence to relax at our Up North resort with my girls, Nia and Tomiko.   FamilyPic