Coming to Fish?

West Crooked Lake is located seven miles northwest of Nevis in southern Hubbard County. West Crooked has a surface area of 279 acres and a maximum depth of 50 feet. There is county-owned land on the west shore of the lake that provides public boat access.

See MN Fishing Season Dates for information on Minnesota Fishing Season dates.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has classified Minnesota’s lakes into 43 different types based on physical and chemical characteristics. West Crooked is in lake class 25. Other area lakes in this same classification include: Belle Taine, Big Mantrap, Ojibway, and Little Sand.  Please see for more information on West Crooked Lake from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

West Crooked has good populations of both bluegill and black crappie.  Good numbers of bluegill in the 6-8 inch range and black crappie in the 9-10 inch range are present.

Northern pike are bountiful in West Crooked. Northern pike were above the range typical for this lake class.  While larger fish are present, the northern pike population in West Crooked is known more for numbers than size.  Sampled northern pike had an average length and weight of 19.2 inches and 1.6 pounds, with pike measured up to 32.1 inches.  The northern pike population in West Crooked is limited by high reproduction and recruitment of young pike, and very slow growth rates.

Walleye abundance was within the range “typical” for this lake class.  Walleye abundance in past surveys has generally been around the management goal. Stocking by the DNR is maintaining the walleye population.  West Crooked is stocked with walleye fingerling’s during even numbered years.

West Crooked also supports a growing largemouth bass fishery.  Good water quality, aquatic vegetation cover, and spawning substrate provide excellent habitat for largemouth bass in West Crooked.

Other species sampled include elevated numbers of yellow bullhead and moderate numbers of black bullhead, pumpkin seed, and yellow perch.

Fishermen enjoy the beauty of the lake, the clear water & the loons.  Children are pleased with the bountiful numbers of sunfish they can easily catch from the dock or the shore!

You can pick up a fishing license in Nevis, Dorset or Park Rapids.  Nevis is 7 miles from the resort, Dorset is 10 miles and Park Rapids is 16.   If driving from the resort, you will drive through Dorset to get to Park Rapids.  For a complete list of fishing licensing requirements and fees, or to purchase your license online, go to Minnesota DNR Fishing License Page.